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Chatham and surrounding counties to receive 29 million dollars towards infrastructure

Chatham County, North Carolina has been awarded over 29 million dollars for vital

infrastructure projects for their residents from President Joe Biden. Triad residents of North

Carolina have been facing water issues, such as clean drinking water, sewage, and stormwater

drainage due to the aging infrastructure of their towns. This money will allow the proper

construction and improvements to occur to help ensure that every North Crolina resident has

access to the most basic infrastructure. Governor Roy Cooper commented that the aging

infrastructure, “is an obstacle for communities across North Carolina, preventing reliable access

to clean drinking water and sewer services, and harming health, quality of life and economic

development efforts.”

The money that Chatham county was awarded came from the American Rescue Plan Act, State

Revolving Funds, and Community Development Block Grant. Of the 100 counties in NC, 91 of

them applied to receive funding to help rebuild and strengthen the infrastructure that is

supporting their communities. With the rapid growth that is happening in the triad, especially

Chatham county, this money is key in order to support the new families and businesses that want

to grow by giving them access to the infrastructure.

Siler City and Pittsboro will both benefit greatly from this money they received. Pittsboro and

Siler City are both expecting and gearing up for a population boom in the upcoming years, and

the towns feel it’s important to be geared up and prepared for when that happens. Pittsboro is

going to use the money in order to deal with some existing issues dealing with contaminants in

the drinking water. They are doing this by creating more water treatment plants and funding the

advancements of the other. Pittsboro received 17.9 million. Siler City is taking more of a

preventative role by allowing some of the funds to go to a team that is going to find the biggest

infrastructure issues and bring them to light so that the town knows what they needs to fix. The

other money is going to be used for the sewage system and stormwater drainage. Siler City

received 900,000 dollars.