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No matter where you live, getting outdoors and seeing your community through hiking trails is such a unique experience! I love taking my dog with me wherever I go! Here are some of my favorite hiking trails locally. 


  • Uwharrie National Forest, Denton: This location isn’t super close, but does offer some amazing trails and views if you are willing to make the drive. They have a wide variety of trails that differ in length and difficulty, but even the simple trails are breath taking. 
  • Crockett Trail, Greensboro: This trail leads next to a very pretty lake. Has interconnect parking lots so it is very hard to get lost! I love this one because of the boardwalk that is offers. 
  • Lower Haw River, Pittsboro: Leads right around the edge of the water that feeds Jordan Lake, so there are gorgeous views in many places. These trails are very maintained, so it is perfect for those with kids or dogs. 


Hiking is a great activity to go explore and meet new people! Seeing my community in new ways while being active is always a win in my books.