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NC Honey Bee Garden

Stay up to date on Life In Central NC ~ We are Randolph County Experts and
love our NC Zoo! Learn about the Honey Bee Garden Exhibit below!

At the Honey Bee Garden exhibit, you will see a living bee hive, get the inside scoop on bee colonies, and see how plants, bees, and people all work together to produce honey and so much more. What do you know about the honey bee? Here are some fun facts about these critically important creatures:
🐝 Life span varies with the bee’s job. Queens live the longest at three to five years. Workers live two to four months. 🐝 Drones (the males) only live a maximum of 90 days – and less if they breed!
🐝 Every hive has a dance floor. When a worker finds a new field of flowers, she does a special dance (the “waggle dance”) to show the others where and how far away the blossoms are.
🐝 Using their wings, workers fan drops of water on the hive floor to air-condition their homes in summer.
🐝 Honey bees pollinate many of our foods, such as apples, watermelons, and broccoli. Without bees, we would lose many of the foods we enjoy today.
🐝 Honey bees were brought to America from Europe by the early settlers.
🐝 They have made honey from flowering plants for 10 to 12 million years.
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