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National Electrical Safety Month

 May is National Electrical Safety Month, making it the perfect time to check on your home’s electrical system and everything connected to it.


Look for damage – Damaged cables and cords are an electrical hazard, especially around water. Start your own home electrical inspection by looking for damaged spots in the cables, cords, and outlets throughout your home. Replace any cables or cords that have frayed wires or damage to the outer casing.


Check your power strips – Power strips live under your computer desk, in the garage, the living room, and throughout your home. Take a little time this May to make sure they aren’t overloaded, and double-check that they have a surge protection feature.


Use extension cords properly – While checking power strips, replace any extension cords being used to permanently power something like an AC window unit. These cords aren’t designed to work continuously. So use this time to find a more stable, permanent solution.


Cover unused outlets – If you have young children who live in or visit your home, make sure you cover the outlets in every room. Curious fingers can lead to serious injuries. Plastic safety caps are an easy solution to keep those kiddos safe.