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New Mixed-Use Development Set To Transform Chatham County Farm

A significant transformation is on the horizon for a 494.4-acre farm located on the west side of Pittsboro in Chatham County. Local developers Edward Holmes Jr., Carter Keller, and Buddy Keller have recently acquired the property for a sum of nearly $19.6 million, signaling the inception of a mixed-use development in the area.

According to official records, the land has been in the possession of the Reeves family for several years and occupies the space between U.S. Highway 64 Business and Alston Chapel Road. The developers, who are actively involved in projects across the Greater Triangle area, envision the new development as an extension of the existing downtown Pittsboro and Chatham County community.

Edward Holmes Jr., one of the developers, expressed their commitment to complementing and enhancing the current features of the region. The potential development is expected to cater to both immediate and future needs, taking into account the unique charm and amenities already present in Pittsboro, including its historic downtown area, Central Carolina Community College’s campus, and the Agriculture & Conference Center.

However, specific details about the project, such as its name and exact features, are yet to be revealed. The developers, aware of the growing demand in Chatham County, mentioned the possibility of offering diverse housing options, including single-family homes and multi-family units, to meet the evolving needs of the community.

The location of the property is strategic, sitting halfway between the proposed VinFast electric vehicle manufacturing plant at Moncure’s Triangle Innovation Point and Wolfspeed’s semiconductor manufacturing facility in Siler City’s Chatham Advanced Manufacturing site. This positioning opens up opportunities for potential collaboration and economic growth beyond the county’s borders.

On the other hand, the timeline for the development remains uncertain. A crucial factor affecting the project is the capacity of Pittsboro’s water and wastewater infrastructure, which is currently under consideration. A proposed systems merger with the city of Sanford aims to address this challenge, but its implementation is expected to take a few years.

It’s worth noting that the property’s proximity to the ambitious Chatham Park adds further significance to the development. Chatham Park, a 7,068-acre planned community, is projected to bring in thousands of new homes and potentially tens of thousands of residents to the county in the coming decades.

As the development progresses, the fate of the Reeves family’s farm, which holds sentimental value and memories for some, will be reshaped into a hub of growth and opportunity for the region. The project’s outcome will depend on various factors, including local support, regulatory processes, and economic trends.

Overall, the new mixed-use development in Chatham County represents both potential opportunities and challenges for the community. As stakeholders move forward with the project, they will need to strike a balance between preserving the area’s essence and embracing the prospects of growth and progress.